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Investments do not always have to be a matter of intellect and numbers. Chefinvest is fascinated by art. We exhibit with growing enthusiasm works by contemporary artists in our spacious, light-flooded rooms on the Limmatquai 1, located in the heart of the city of Zurich. Currently for example various works by the Swiss artist Hannes Schmid. Let yourself be inspired by our annual exhibitions.


Chefinvest Ltd, Zurich

Current exhibitions

04/18 - 04/19          Individual exhibition Hannes Schmid SCHEUBLEIN Fine Art


A different Eye

COWBOY 129 - Oil on Canvas - 180x120cm.

A different Eye

Hannes Schmid’s journey as an artist has been anything but typical. His eye for his subjects is often extraordinary, irrespective of the genre. His portrayal leaves onlookers a sense of awe, as they submerge themselves feeling ecstatic on the works of this other sense. Hannes Schmid’s works span 4 decades and find themselves in most unusual perspectives.

In this exclusive space, you will find Hannes’s early works in black and white photography. This vintage series is created from the late 80s towards the 90s. Each photograph represents a subject in still motion, yet with soft eloquence and profound nostalgia. Hannes’s forte lies in his unique approach to his subject matter. He sees the odd angles, the unexpected, and through his camera, he captures the moments which he has pre-created in his mind, the mood and sense of his subjects. The humeur of these vintage prints reveal a lot about Hannes Schmid’s sensitive yet self-assured nature. With each photograph he creates, he discovers more of himself and of his surroundings, winning awards and recognition for his works globally. He was approached sometime in the 90s to re-create the visuals for the Marlboro Man. Some of his private photographs can be seen here, with strong hues and deep shadows, echoing the strength and sensibility of his cowboys. Hannes’s works in this journey has allowed him to tread on one of the most exciting experiences as an artist. Upon discovering in the early 2000s that his work had been appropriated by a well-known artist in American, he engaged himself in creating a pure unikat of his photographs. Presented in large formats, his paintings of his photographs have become a vital part of transformation, a process which Hannes is very much known and appreciated for.

The art of transformation lies, not only in the transformation itself, but also the value which it creates for the individual and his or her environment. In Hannes’s life, this has become a turning point for his journey as a photographer, as well as for art enthusiasts who cherish Hannes for his visions and his realities.


Past exhibitions

03/17 - 04/18         Individual exhibition Bernd Nicolaisen SCHEUBLEIN + BAK

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03/15 - 02/17          Group Show SCHEUBLEIN + BAK

02/14 - 02/15          Individual exhibition Rudolf Leitner-Gründberg

03/13 - 02/14          Individual exhibition Andreas Reimann


Chefinvest International Ltd, Vaduz

Current exhibitions


Past exhibitions

01/15 - 01/17          Roberta de Paoli