Achieve realistic goals: The optimum. Not the maximum.

We work consistently according to a holistic consulting approach: after we have undertaken a comprehensive review, we define the asset structure that best matches the customer's investment profile.

We achieve above-average returns by bringing together a process-oriented, top-down analysis of the asset structure and a bottom-up selection process.

We do not just listen to our gut, but make our investment decisions based on a sophisticated data analysis based on premium information sources.

The result has been gratifying – last year we achieved a forecast accuracy of nearly 70%.

Without guarantee for the future.
True to our maxim: the optimum, not the maximum.


Finding the right balance between risk and return: our investment profiles

Is your portfolio strategy aligned to income or to capital gains?

Do you wish to make long-term commitments or prefer to react quickly to new opportunities? Or both?
We are pleased to assist you with our expertise and personal commitment.

We take into account the selected risk profile as well as appropriate risk tolerance in the management of your portfolio. With this in mind, we decide on the asset allocation and individual investments that should be made to achieve the desired objectives.

In advisory mandates, the risk profile can be used as a guideline for the investment decisions you take while relying on our support.

We always place highest value on a healthy balance between opportunities and return.